Chris Poole

Jazz flute


Give your business a musical profile

On websites, telephone waiting music, ect: Use original music to brand your company! Mozart, the Beatles and many others are well known and therefor do not support the uniqueness of your business – just the opposite. But music specially chosen or composed for the business will.

It costs almost the same for music with orginallity as it does for music everyone else uses. There are many options to choose from, for example you can pick between the reviewer praised music from one of Chris Poole's CD's.

Or have music specially composed for your business. It does not require a big investement to get music with a destinctive quality composed for your firm.

Vistors to your website will be able to turn the music on or off as well as choose between several melodies.

Music for the telephone is also an important part of a unique business profile. Here the music can be created to take into consideration different length of waiting time.

It is easy to get going. Chris Poole can compose music in a style that is compatable with your business's identity. Then it is recorded on flute and other instruments. When necessary the job can include file converting, uploading to your website and other technical things.

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